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This is a console application - NetworkCheck.exe that uses 2 configuration files:

Addresses.txt - Contains a list of addresses to check
Recipients.txt - Contain a list of email recipients when one of the addresses fails a ping test.

These files contain a list of addresses, you can also comment an address out with //.
Sample contents:

By default the application will look in the same directory as the .exe for the config files, otherwise you can specify them with command line parameters:

 networkcheck.exe c:\addresslistdir\ c:\recipientlistconfigdir\

  • When you run networkcheck.exe it will run once and exit, this is because its designed to be run as a scheduled task so you can control the frequency of checks, you may also have many scheduled tasks checking different servers and emailing different people - thus the flexibility of specifying different config files.
  • On error the application will attempt to write to the event log, if this fails it will write to errorlog.txt in the same folder as the .exe.
  • NetworkCheck.exe.config file contains settings for the ping tool (ping.exe or http-ping.exe), also for the smtp host name and port number.

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